About Wabî

wabî philosophy

Wabî is inspired by the ancient Japanese wisdom of wabi-sabi – a concept not easily distilled into English or our modern habits. Wabi-sabi is about pausing to find peace in your own company, and beauty in things as they are. Appreciating the simple things.

We find beauty in nature to create perfect skincare.

‘Wabi Sabi teaches us to come as we are, to keep things simple and embrace imperfections. It’s at the heart of everything I create for Wabi Skincare’
– Sarah Pouros (Wabî founder)

Alone, ‘wabi’ is about finding beauty in simplicity and the understated elegance of nature. That philosophy guides how we make every wabî product, from our choice of ingredients – carefully sourced from ethical suppliers – through to the handmade production of our recipes.

The result is beautiful skincare that’s ethical and sustainable, it’s good for your skin and it’s good for your mind.

sarah’s story

Wabî is an ethical skincare range based in London, created by Sarah. She began making natural skincare for friends as birthday presents and they always asked for more, so in 2015 she began experimenting with more products and natural ingredients. Her friends were her first customers, buying Sarah’s skincare for themselves and as gifts; word quickly began to spread…

To meet demand, Sarah started making bigger batches and designing her own packaging. Then she came across the concept of wabi-sabi and everything fell into place. Wabi-sabi reflected her focus on ethically sourced, natural ingredients being handmade into something that makes your skin look and feel wonderful. Helping you appreciate all that nature has given you.

Local markets were her first testing ground. With regularly returning customers, she started exploring ways to make her belief in more sustainable skincare a reality. She rewarded customers who brought back empty pots for refills, and her desire to use only the very best natural ingredients became more of an obsession.

Over time, Sarah and her customers’ ideas for new products resulted in face masks, miracle balms, cleansing soaps, face toner and much more. Her range of handmade wabî products were stocked in selected independent shops and reviewed by beauty bloggers.

As the brand continues to grow, Sarah maintains her belief in wabi-sabi – finding joy in creating natural skincare that allows us to find moments of peace in our modern lives.

You can find wabî’s handmade ethical skincare in shops across the UK, and meet Sarah at her wabî workshops to learn how to make your own natural skincare at home.

the wabî ingredients / inside wabî

Everything in the wabî range is handmade in small batches, with carefully sourced natural ingredients. Our regular suppliers include:

The Roasting Shed is a small batch coffee roastery in Hackey, London, whose high grade coffee is carefully sourced from suppliers promoting ethical working conditions through farmer cooperatives and schools. Their sustainable beans are the key ingredient in our signature wabî body scrubs.

Aqua Oleum is a family business in the Cotswolds, delivering high quality essential oils, from ethical and sustainable sources, that are used in all our wabî products.

Akoma supply fairtrade, organic, vegan products like shea butter and coconut oil from their community cooperatives in Ghana. Akoma is helping to change lives for the better through sustainable employment and traditional environmentally-friendly production.

Wabî uses 100% natural ingredients, carefully sourced from fairtrade and ethical suppliers. Free from parabens and artificial ingredients, never tested on animals and always handmade in small batches, with wabî you’ll always get thoughtfully created skincare.